best places to do business in the Philippines

You already know that doing business in the Philippines is a good idea.

But how do you start?

M and J Solutions Provider, Inc. already offers the back-end services you need to so you can start your business in the country with ease and peace of mind. So at this point, the question isn’t about how to start, but where.

Where in the Philippines do you want to start your business?

We’ve listed down the best places to do business in the Philippines to help you break down your options and determine what’s best for the business you have in mind.

Metro Manila

Manila is the gateway to the country’s main and most common business districts located in cities such as Makati, Taguig, Pasig, and Quezon City. Depending on the business you choose to put up, these places offer different environments that could be the perfect match for you in terms of concept, budget, and target market. Don’t be limited by these top cities when it comes to business though because Metro Manila is made up of 16 bustling cities so whether you’re a start-up looking for office space, a manufacturing or product-based company looking for a warehouse, or a company looking to expand its operations in the metro, we can help you find the place and the people you need, and we can also assist in processing your visa and other business-related paperwork to speed up your entrepreneurial journey. If you’d like to discuss more about your business needs, you can visit us at our office located at Penthouse, Libran House IT Center, Legazpi st., Legazpi Village, Makati City.

If Metro Manila seems to be too fast-paced for you, take your business beyond the metro and check out these provinces on the rise:


A coastal province located in Central Luzon, Aurora is most famous for Baler which is one of the country’s famous surf towns. Besides Baler however, the province also boasts of an abundance of tourist attractions — from beaches, waterfalls, and mountains, to historical and cultural sites. With agriculture and forestry as its major industries other than tourism, there’s a lot of opportunities for sustainable development to occur on this side of the country for keen individuals who are willing to invest in the province’s people and products.

Interested in starting a business at Aurora? We can guide you as you go through the APECO Special Residency Program. APECO stands for Aurora Pacific EcoZone and it’s the latest developmental project in the province which focuses on providing opportunities for locals and foreigners alike to participate in economic development programs by providing varying incentives. The journey begins with visa processing. To identify the visa you need, click here for more info.


Another well-known tourist destination in the Philippines is Bohol. It’s got a dynamic and sustainable ecotourism industry that banks on providing the best environment for all of nature’s wonders that reside in the area. It is in Bohol where you’ll find the famous Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, and a number of pristine beaches with a thriving marine ecosystem, among others. However, as the 10th largest island in the Philippines, Bohol has more to offer besides its tourist attractions. Fishing and agriculture bring significant growth to the province and with such labor-intensive industries, you just know that the workforce behind these industries are hardworking and determined to always deliver top-notch services and products.

If you’d like to know more about how you can drive further growth and progress in the province of Bohol, send us a message here. We’d love to know more about your plans so we can help you make it happen!


Other than Metro Manila, the next busiest city in the country can be found in Cebu under the same name, Cebu City. In the past decade or so, Cebu City has experienced a significant increase in infrastructure, real estate, and investments. Though it is the oldest city in the country, currently it has become the main hub for tech companies under the IT and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industries in the Visayas region. To balance out this surge in modernity, Cebu’s not one to back down when it comes to ecotourism. Beaches along its coastline give you the chance to experience adventure whenever you feel like it, without the long travel time.

Capitalizing on the beauty of having the best of both worlds in Cebu as a tech start-up or a tourism-focused company is the next best thing you can do if you’re looking to invest and reside in the Philippines for business and pleasure. If you’re thinking about Cebu as the venue for your next business venture, we’ve got you covered online and on ground! You may visit our first satellite office located at the ETO Building, AS Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu or you can send us a message for easier coordination.

Building your business here in the Philippines is made easier with all the options you can choose from. Whether you’d like to work, live, or eventually retire in the Philippines, it’s all possible. Take the first step and talk to a M and J Solutions Provider Representative. Contact us today!

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We’ve listed down the best places to do business in the Philippines to help you break down your options and determine what’s best for the business you have in mind.