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Our visa specialists are ready to assist you in securing the type of visa you need for your business to succeed here in the Philippines.

At M and J Solutions Provider Inc., it is our goal to help foreign individuals get the appropriate visa they need to enter the Philippines with utmost ease. If you’re planning to visit the Philippines for employment or investment, we are here to provide you with the guidance, assistance, and personalized service you need to process your visa. The types of visas we can assist you with:

Non-Immigrant Visas

These are the types of visas foreign nationals need if the purpose for travel is for brief business trips or employment in the Philippines.

Types of Non-Immigrant Visas:
  • Temporary Visitor Visa (9A)
    • Pre-arranged Employment Visa (96)
      • This is a working visa for foreigners entering the Philippines for employment. The employment must be petitioned by the employer to secure this type of visa. The service of the foreigner should be proven essential to the company and no person in the Philippines is willing to perform the services needed.
      • Foreign employees are required to secure a Pre-Arranged Employment Visa
    • Treaty Trader Or Treaty Investory (9D)
      • This visa is for foreign business owners involved in the trading business between their home countries and the Philippines.
      • Only foreign inveestors from countries with existing business agreements with the Philippines are allowed to enter the country as treaty investors and they must have an existing plan to develop an enterprise in the Philippines with which he/she is a big investor in, to get the visa.
    • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
    • PEZA Visa
    • 47A2 Visa

Immigrant Visas

These are the types of visas foreign nationals need if the purpose for traveling to the Philippines is to become permanent residents.

Types of Immigrant Visas:
  • Immigrant Visa By Marriage (13A)
  • Permanent Resident Visa (PRV)
  • Returning Former Natural-born Citizen (13G)
  • Quota Visa (13)


  • Retention / Re-acquisition
  • Recognition As Filipino Citizen

Work Permits

  • Provisional Work Permit
  • Special Work Permit

Special Visas

  • Special Investor's Resident Visa (SIRV)
  • Special Resident Retirees Visa (SRRV)
  • Special Visa Under E.O. 226

Other Visas

  • Annual Report
  • Visa Downgrading
  • ACR I-Card Cancellation
    • Visa Re-stamping
    • Transfer Of Arrival
    • Ammendment / Correction Of Admission
    • Interim Extension (Grace Period)
    • Motion For Consideration
    • Revalidation
    • Emigration Clearance Certificate
    • ACR I-Card Application / Re-issuance
    • ACRD I-Card Waiver
    • BIR Clearance Certification
    • Travel Records Certification

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