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The Philippines is known for being abundant not just in natural resources, but also in opportunities for growth in terms of being a globally competitive nation. Filipinos may make up a huge number of overseas workers, but the Philippines also ranks high in providing opportunities for foreign businesses to prosper. Thinking of the next best place to do business?

Here are our top 3 reasons why the Philippines is your next best place for business:

Business-friendly landscape

The Philippines’ business-friendly landscape offers multiple opportunities for global growth for entrepreneurs and corporations looking to do business or expand their operations here in the country. As one of the most dynamic economies in the East Asia Pacific region with a growing middle class plus a large and young population, it’s highly possible to create successful business ventures here in the country. No matter which industry you’d like to enter – may it be tourism, real estate, business process outsourcing, food & beverage, fashion and beauty, technology or finance, progress is possible in the Philippines, most especially if you partner with the right people from the onset of your journey. Here’s how we can help you start your business here in the Philippines.

Unparalleled and high-quality workforce

The Filipino people are not just known for being hospitable and warm towards their guests, but they’re also known to have a generally positive disposition that’s such a joy to have around in the workplace. When provided with the best conditions, Filipinos are passionate, persevering, and loyal employees who are open to learning and adapting to make sure that they get the job done well, and done completely. Language is not a barrier for Filipinos as communicating in the English language is already second nature. Expanding your business in the Philippines provides you with the opportunity to find and train the next best leaders in business because the concept and values of community and family that’s inherent to Filipinos makes it easy for them to relate to their colleagues and their customers as a true leader should be able to do. Here’s how we can help you find the best Filipino employees.

Balance between business and pleasure

Living in a tropical setting all year round with easy access to the comfort and convenience of the modern world, the country’s openness to expats and foreigners is truly no surprise. From sky high buildings to pristine beaches and paved roads to scenic mountain tops, the Philippines has got it all when it comes to striking a balance between business and pleasure. Starting a business or residing in the Philippines for good is an easy option to make if you’re looking for a place that provides you with a warm welcome wherever you may be in the country. Here’s how we can help you with the visa you need to work or stay here in the Philippines for business or pleasure.

If you’re planning to start a business or if you’re planning to expand your business to another country, the Philippines is a great choice. With the expert assistance of our personnel here at M and J Solutions Provider Inc., we can help you with every part of the process of establishing your business here in the country with the least amount of worry.

From visa processing, business registration, acquiring permits and all the necessary documents to start a business, to recruiting manpower, managing your back-end finance and human resources, plus your business branding and marketing needs, we’re here to give you more reasons to stay and do business here in the Philippines! Want to know more about our services and where to begin? Talk to us today by sending us a message or email us at

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The Philippines is known for being abundant not just in natural resources, but also in opportunities for growth in terms of being a globally competitive nation.