Shared Services

  • Specializing in backend services that bring your business forward, we are your partners in making things happen behind the scenes in the field of finance, accounting, supply chain, customer support, IT Solutions, sales and marketing.
  • Our services can be tailored to fit your business needs. You can avail of a one-time service or a full package to cover end-to-end requirements.
  • For foreign-owned companies, such as those in the BPO industry and other SMEs. We can setup your shared services center and assist your company in determining the right tax incentives for you as part of our customized services.

Managed Services

  • While you focus on company's goal, we can handle the day-to-day aspect of your business operations with the help of the experience members of our Managed Services Team.
  • We can help identify and develop IT tools and practices your company can use to increase the productivity and and efficiency of your business operations.
  • This services are offered mostly for foreign-owned BPO and IT companies.
  • To begin our partnership, we encourage you to prepare your company profile, business permit, Securities and Exchange Commissions registration and Department of Trade and Industry permit. 


  • This service is offered to business owners who are looking for the perfect candidate for their job offer, and for prime job seekers who are interested in being guided and supported as they search for their nest best job in the industry they can truly excel in.
  • Our recruitment process begins with our two core services:
      1. Direct Placement
      2. Staff Augmentation
  • Interested candidate can expect our full commitment in providing them the opportunities that fit well with their experience, expertise, skills, talent and passion. Part of our commitment as well is to assure quick turnaround on results, and the highest standard of professional support for our potential candidates.
  • Inquire about how we can help fortify your company’s foundation today!

    Why choose M and J Solutions Provider Inc. as your service provider?

    • Enjoy a stress free and convenient partnership that allows you to focus on the bigger details of your business.
    • Rest assured that all the necessary deliverables your company needs are accomplished efficiently and effectively.
    Other services

    Business Registration

    Finance and Accounting

    Human Resource Management

    Visa Processing

    Business Development

    Free consultation

      Whether your goal is to incorporate a local business or obtain licensing for setting up your back-office or regional headquarters in the Philippines, business registration agency in Makati gives expert advice to businesses of all sizes, from small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations, on the most suitable business entity you can register with the help of firm registration services in Manila.

       A business name registration, which is renewed every five years, entitles owners to use it legally and exclusively during that time. But keep in mind that just because your firm is registered with the DTI doesn’t imply you can start operating it. Other conditions, such as company licenses and other legal records from government departments, are necessary and why worry when you have company registration services in Taguig.